Joining Group Practice for Counseling Services - Scheduling New Clients

Thank you so much for your patience while I worked on getting my practice set up here in PA. I have joined the group practice at Center for Psychological Health & Wellness in Shillington, PA with Dr. Heidi Ramsbottom. 

I will be scheduling clients beginning Monday, July 16th only accepting private pay clients at this time. 

I will be utilizing Post Induction Therapy (PIT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), and other experiential modalities. My specialties include: relational trauma recovery, substance use disorder, addiction(s) recovery, and codependency. 

To schedule an appointment, please contact:  Or Call: 484-509-0499

Thank you! I look forward to working with you! 


2018 - New Year & New Changes at Desert Moon

Happy Holidays and Happy Changes at Desert Moon Consulting for 2018

In October of 2017 we were blessed with the arrival of our first grandchild – Welcome Penelope! Her arrival prompted thoughtful consideration to life goals. I have made the decision to retire from direct patient care in my private practice location in Agoura Hills, CA effective 12/20/17.

Desert Moon Consulting, LLC remains active and will continue to provide consulting services from our new location in Shillington, Pennsylvania beginning January 2018. 

I will also continue to serve the field in a teaching capacity in graduate and doctoral programs to help encourage a new generation of counselors to provide professional, ethical, and compassionate care. You will still see me at conferences and training venues. I will be maintaining professional affiliations with some LA based companies.

As we travel the road of “happy destiny” let us continue to walk with kind and compassionate hearts. 




Reflection on Recovery

I am sitting in great reflection today as I review the past 32 years. Today I celebrate 32 years of recovery from a disease that takes the lives of so many - and has taken the lives of many I've known. I am grateful, quiet, peaceful, and mostly in acceptance. If I wrote a book about my journey - it would not be believable to most. Those of us who are "friends of Bill" would believe it. There have been so many angels placed on my path that I've begun to review and identify them. The list is long and I'm probably not recognizing many. The funny thing about reflection, awareness, and noticing is that each day - no - each moment - is different. Perception and reality are so interesting! Anyway - I'm going to quote from a book that I believe should be required reading for every human. It was written by a woman I met in my program and who through all of her life suffering, never, never complained. She shared hope. She passed a few years back - but her books live on, as does her spirit in many of us who were blessed to know her.

"When we are able to live in acceptance of those things we can't change, we will know a new freedom, and we will find others are drawn to us in a different way. Because they don't feel judged, because we never expect any more of them than they want to give, to be, there will be a level of comfort and open sharing we've never before experienced. 

I'm trying to become as smart as my dogs, who accept me at my best and my worst, who don't care how I look, how I live my life. They expect nothing of me more than I want to give and are happy to be a part of my life. Ah, that we could all be that accepting." 

     twenty-five words; how the serenity prayer can save your life - Barb Rogers (2005).

Thank you to all who have been on this journey with me and for all who I will meet down the road.  I pray for peace and compassion in our world. 

Boredom – Is it boredom, or it is serenity?

Webster’s Dictionary defines boredom as “to weary by dullness, tedious repetition”, or “dull, tiresome.” Teenagers scream, “I’m soooooo BORED!”

Is boredom really boredom? Is boredom our body’s way to signal us to focus inward or to power down? Our world is so busy, constantly engaged, and – dare I say – overstimulated?

Boredom is not depression or apathy. Lack of stimulation, craving relief. What are the consequences of boredom? There is an urge and intense attraction to change our “bored” self. Stimulate the senses – keep busy – engaged – distracted from ourselves and our world. Electronic devices, smoking, drinking, video games, shopping, busy, busy, busy….distraction from the silence and solitude.

Maybe boredom is not a problem – just maybe – boredom is a solution…..

Lean into boredom and you may discover yourself and the world within and around you. Observe your boredom. Observe your surroundings. Observe your breath. Sound like meditation? Meditate into serenity and in the process allow your body to heal. Allow your nervous system to settle down – allow your brain and body to calm.

So I ask again – is it boredom, or is it serenity?

Welcome Back to Desert Moon!

Welcome Back to Desert Moon Consulting, LLC! Well – we’ve had quite a ride! New website, new location, new focus! Taking the leap of faith and entering into the world of total self-employment! Thank you to everyone who has been on this ride with me over the past few months – I appreciate your support! It’s a very exciting time for me and Desert Moon!

After 25 years of working in the treatment industry, I’m stepping out on my own! Desert Moon Consulting LLC is open for business! The focus of my work is:

·      business/management consulting in the substance & behavioral health care industry

·      coaching/counseling in the areas of personal growth and healing

·      staff training and development

·      writing

My husband, 4-legged family, and I moved from the beautiful desert of Arizona to the magnificent coast of southern California. We are all loving our lives at our ranch in SoCal!

Desert Moon Consulting has two business locations; the serene main office suite in Agoura Hills and the beautiful healing equine location of Desert Moon Ranch in Camarillo.

Welcome home to Desert Moon and let us help you “Find Your Way”


Mindful presence just for today.....

While sitting in quiet meditation, opening my eyes to the view across the Desert Moon landscape, what a beautiful sight. I was thinking to myself “look what happens when our eyes are closed – even in mindful meditation.” This started me thinking more about ‘look what happens when our minds are closed due to many things – over-stressed schedules, avoidance of situations, denial of issues, extreme focus on one thing’ – how do we miss the presence of what is right in front of us? How do I close myself off from (fill in the blank)? Today I will practice a more mindful presence to my daily interactions and surroundings. What will you do for yourself today?

Is it "stuck" or "paused"?

Feeling stuck? Feeling like you’ve reached a plateau? Whether it’s in regard to a personal goal – like completing a project, losing weight, commitment to an exercise plan, finishing a report, writing a book, planting a garden, or something of the sort – we can get stuck. So what’s wrong with getting stuck? I guess it’s in the perception… I stuck? Or is it a natural pause in the process? Is it ok to have a natural pause? What if it’s truly stuck? How do we get unstuck? How do we welcome the pause? Anyone have thoughts or experiences they’d like to share about feeling stuck or “paused”?

Positive Attitude

As we work behind the scenes to develop this webpage, we are becoming aware of our own challenges and frustrations with “a new land”. The team that we are putting together has many gifts – however – we are really trying to keep a positive attitude with electronic learning – otherwise known as website development world! This reminds me of how recovery is about change, growth, and development! We may be many years in the process of recovery – and life does what it does – provides us with ongoing challenges and opportunities to practice positive reframing! Thank you Higher Power for the opportunity for growth!


Welcome to Desert Moon

After working in the field of trauma, addiction, and mental health treatment for the past 20 years, I’ve come to recognize so many avenues to help people heal. Whether that healing is from a place of crisis, or from a place of long term recovery – healing is healing! I have started this website to provide a place for individuals, couples, families, groups, and systems to have a place to visit and, perhaps, find a tool for healing and personal growth. This website is definitely a “work in process” as my learning curve in website development is a large one! So I will post my first official blog post as a “Welcome to Desert Moon” and please stand by while I learn how to build the site!  I am “finding my way” in the web building world……