Reflection on Recovery

I am sitting in great reflection today as I review the past 32 years. Today I celebrate 32 years of recovery from a disease that takes the lives of so many - and has taken the lives of many I've known. I am grateful, quiet, peaceful, and mostly in acceptance. If I wrote a book about my journey - it would not be believable to most. Those of us who are "friends of Bill" would believe it. There have been so many angels placed on my path that I've begun to review and identify them. The list is long and I'm probably not recognizing many. The funny thing about reflection, awareness, and noticing is that each day - no - each moment - is different. Perception and reality are so interesting! Anyway - I'm going to quote from a book that I believe should be required reading for every human. It was written by a woman I met in my program and who through all of her life suffering, never, never complained. She shared hope. She passed a few years back - but her books live on, as does her spirit in many of us who were blessed to know her.

"When we are able to live in acceptance of those things we can't change, we will know a new freedom, and we will find others are drawn to us in a different way. Because they don't feel judged, because we never expect any more of them than they want to give, to be, there will be a level of comfort and open sharing we've never before experienced. 

I'm trying to become as smart as my dogs, who accept me at my best and my worst, who don't care how I look, how I live my life. They expect nothing of me more than I want to give and are happy to be a part of my life. Ah, that we could all be that accepting." 

     twenty-five words; how the serenity prayer can save your life - Barb Rogers (2005).

Thank you to all who have been on this journey with me and for all who I will meet down the road.  I pray for peace and compassion in our world.