Boredom – Is it boredom, or it is serenity?

Webster’s Dictionary defines boredom as “to weary by dullness, tedious repetition”, or “dull, tiresome.” Teenagers scream, “I’m soooooo BORED!”

Is boredom really boredom? Is boredom our body’s way to signal us to focus inward or to power down? Our world is so busy, constantly engaged, and – dare I say – overstimulated?

Boredom is not depression or apathy. Lack of stimulation, craving relief. What are the consequences of boredom? There is an urge and intense attraction to change our “bored” self. Stimulate the senses – keep busy – engaged – distracted from ourselves and our world. Electronic devices, smoking, drinking, video games, shopping, busy, busy, busy….distraction from the silence and solitude.

Maybe boredom is not a problem – just maybe – boredom is a solution…..

Lean into boredom and you may discover yourself and the world within and around you. Observe your boredom. Observe your surroundings. Observe your breath. Sound like meditation? Meditate into serenity and in the process allow your body to heal. Allow your nervous system to settle down – allow your brain and body to calm.

So I ask again – is it boredom, or is it serenity?