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Healing Developmental and Relational Trauma - A Family of Origin Intensive  (Dates for 2018 TBD)

This intensive small group experience follows a groundbreaking model developed by Pia Mellody to explore and heal the impact of childhood trauma. Early relationships of one's life are very influential and influences our adult relationship interactions. Less-than-nurturing early experiences set in motion various difficulties in adulthood including relationship problems, depression, anxiety, addiction and other compulsive disorders. The focus of the workshop is not on blaming caregivers but rather on identifying the early experiences and healing their impact. This allows us to change current patterns and live from the functional adult. Mindfulness, nervous system regulation skills, and cognitive restructuring are incorporated into this workshop. The safe, small group environment enhances the experience and deepens the effect of this work. This workshop can also be facilitated in a customized and individualized format for a non-group experience.

Informational Phase

Participants are educated about relational trauma and how it impacts the relationship with oneself and others in adulthood. Participants will learn about the core issues and how to heal them. Appropriate boundaries and self-love, essential to all healthy and intimate relationships, are a major focus. Education about the impact of trauma on the nervous system and basic mindfulness techniques are introduced.

Mapping/Targeting Phase

This is a process designed to assist each participant to identify and understand the impact of their childhood experiences with adult caregivers on their current difficulty or dysfunction. Childhood trauma, whether it is overt and obvious boundary violations or more subtle and unintentional emotional absence, is explored. Releasing the child perspective and adopting an adult perspective regarding one's childhood is part of the healing that takes place during this phase.

Action/Movement Phase

During this phase, each participant will be guided by the therapist through specific processes developed by Pia Mellody that heal childhood trauma by developing a nurturing relationship with oneself, releasing painful emotions rather than simply expressing them, and empowering your functional adult to live in action rather than reaction. Mindfulness and nervous system regulation skills are also integrated into this phase.

Ongoing Recovery and Empowerment Strategies

Participants will receive strategies, tools, and resources throughout the workshop to enhance awareness and make real-time adjustments in their daily lives. The growth accomplished during the three-day intensive group workshop can take one to three years in ongoing weekly therapy sessions. Join us for this enlightening and powerful experience.

Suggested readings prior to attending the workshop: Facing Codependency, Pia Mellody & In an Unspoken Voice, Dr. Peter Levine

Upcoming Workshops:

Men's Workshop:                 Led by Nancy Bailey PhD     TBD

Women’s Workshop:           Led by Nancy Bailey PhD      TBD

Group Workshop Cost: $650.00

Space is limited to 6 participants – Lunch provided daily

Contact desertmoonconsulting@gmail.com for inquiries