Presentations & Publications

·      John Bradshaw Inner Child Workshop, Co-facilitator, Sedona, AZ, 11/2009

·      The Meadows Free Lecture Series presentation in Scottsdale, AZ; “Acceptance and The Core Issues” 8/2010

·      Ethics Using Psychodrama Methods; In-Service, The Meadows, 2011

·      Counselor Magazine, 8/2011, Vol 12 (4). Preventing AMAs is as Basic as Counseling 101 Before Clinician Contact

·      The Healing Experiences of Women: Psychodrama and Eating Disorders. Doctoral Dissertation, Capella University, August 2012.   

·      Doctoral research cited in: Healing Eating Disorders with Psychodrama and Other Action Methods: Beyond the Silence and the Fury, Karen Carnabucci, and Linda Ciotola; Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 2013

·      Addiction Professional, January/February 2013, Vol 11(1). Multidimensional Women, interview for magazine with Claudia Black PhD

·      Relapse Process – Identification and Options for Healing; Lecture for The Meadows Inpatient population

·      Trauma Informed Experiential Treatment for Complex Women’s Issues, June 2012, WAAT, Los Angeles

·      The Six Questions: Complex to Simple and Back; July 2012- South Florida Society for Trauma Based Disorders

·      Guilty Until Realized Worthy: A Mother’s Journey to Healing; Lifestyle Intervention Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 2013

·      Social Atoms into Action Using Safety Doubles; 72nd Annual Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama Conference, Oakland, CA; April 2014

·      5-Part In-Service Training Series, The Meadows, Psychodrama Basics, April – July 2014

·      Reconnecting the Fear of Connection – 73rd Annual Group Psychotherapy & Psychodrama Conference, Philadelphia, PA April 2015

·      Using Trauma Informed Experiential Methods – Los Angeles WAAT Conference, October 2015