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Back on Track

Desert Moon is “back on track” after taking a break. ┬áHad some life changes, which for all of us can be an opportunity for new adventures. Please check back soon for some upgrades and announcements of changes….

Thanks for your patience ­čÖéIMG_1343

Mindful presence just for today…..

Back View Double RainbowWhile sitting in quiet meditation, opening my eyes to the view across the Desert Moon landscape, what a beautiful sight. I was thinking to myself “look what happens when our eyes are closed – even in mindful meditation.” This started me thinking more about ‘look what happens when our minds are closed due to many things – over-stressed schedules, avoidance of situations, denial of issues, extreme focus on one thing’ – how do we miss the presence of what is right in front of us? How do I close myself off from (fill in the blank)? Today I will practice a more mindful presence to my daily interactions and surroundings. What will you do for yourself today?

Is it “stuck” or “paused”?

Feeling stuck? Feeling like you’ve reached a plateau? Whether it’s in regard to a personal goal – like completing a project, losing weight, commitment to an exercise plan, finishing a report, writing a book, planting a garden, or something of the sort – we can get stuck. So what’s wrong with getting stuck? I guess it’s in the perception… I stuck? Or is it a natural pause in the process? Is it ok to have a natural pause? What if it’s truly stuck? How do we get unstuck? How do we welcome the pause? Anyone have thoughts or experiences they’d like to share about feeling stuck or “paused”?

Positive Attitude…

As we work behind the scenes to develop this webpage, we are becoming aware of our own challenges and frustrations with “a new land”. The team that we are putting together has many gifts – however – we are really trying to keep a positive attitude with electronic learning – otherwise known as website development world! This reminds me of how recovery is about change, growth, and development! We may be many years in the process of recovery – and life does what it does – provides us with ongoing challenges and opportunities to practice positive reframing! Thank you Higher Power for the opportunity for growth!

Welcome to Desert Moon

Cactus Bloom

After working in the field of trauma, addiction, and mental health treatment for the past 20 years, I’ve come to recognize so many avenues to help people heal. Whether that healing is from a place of crisis, or from a place of long term┬árecovery – healing is healing! I have started this website to provide a place for individuals, couples, families, groups, and systems to have a place to visit and, perhaps, find a tool for healing and personal growth. This website is definitely a “work in process” as my learning curve in website development is a large one! So I will post my first official blog post as a “Welcome to Desert Moon” and please stand by while I learn how to build the site!┬á I am “finding my way” in the web building world……